You Are Opryland

Opryland USA
May 27, 1972 – Dec 31, 1997

This year Opryland USA would have turned 50 years old. Despite the park being destroyed 25 years ago, the Opryland community is still going strong in Nashville, Tennessee. When you hear someone tell you “nobody’s from Nashville,” you can bet that you’re not talking to an Oprylander.

The country music show park that put Nashville on the map was a true one of a kind. This experience was dreamed up by former WSM radio DJ Irving Waugh following a trip to the Astrodome in Texas. His idea was to create an entire self contained country entertainment experience just outside of downtown Nashville. The project would feature a brand new performance hall for the Grand Ole Opry nestled in between a brand new luxury hotel and theme park. The project was approved of by Edwin Craig himself as his last act as President of WSM before he passed away.